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24 Hyongs &

von Choi, Hong Hi

"I'm very proud of the work done by my instructors and masters. I know if you use this CD-ROM along with your do-jang training, you will be able to master the techniques of Taekwon-Do scientifically and easily." General Choi, Hong Hi

The Legacy 4 disk CD-Rom set features the entire 15 volume encyclopedia, full motion video of all 24 patterns viewable in full motion or one move at a time, a 200 word and phrase Korean interpreter and fascinating interviews with General Choi, Hong Hi.

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Quicktime Reviews by Master Robert Wheatley (England) and Master Choi, Jung Hwa (Canada)

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bei Com-Do Corp. [Kanada]

Taekwondo Kyorugi Master
No. 1 & No. 2
(wahrscheinlich in Englisch)
- über 1 Gigabyte von Informationen
- 160 Minuten von Sparring Demonstrationen (Kyorugi)
- 200 verschiedene Typen von Kyorugi-Movements etc.
bestellbar bei: Taekwondo Aktuell Böblingerstr. 32A, D-70178 Stuttgart, Fax: 0711-6071698
No. 1 & No 2. für jeweils
DM 59,00
Taekwondo-Trainer 1
- Die Lehr-CD für Anfänger
- Lernen Sie die Grundlagen des Taekwondo kennen
- Zeitlupe und Einzel-Bildschaltung
- Vollbildmodus
- Theorie ausdruckbar
Willy Schrader Softwareproduktion
Burgweg 88 32423 Minden
15,29 EURO

Achtung: Nach Hinweisen unserer Benutzer, sind die dort zu erwerbenden CDs nicht mit neueren Betriebssystemen (nach Windows 95) benutzbar.
Taekwondo-Trainer 2
- Alle Formen bis zum Schwarzgurt
- Neue Hand und Fußtechniken für Fortgeschrittene
- Selbstverteidigung, Partnerübungen und ...
- Rückenschulung, Atmungsgymnastik
Willy Schrader Softwareproduktion
Burgweg 88 32423 Minden
25,50 EURO
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Taekwon-do Encyclopedia
Every page from the 15 volume Taekwon-do Encyclopedia has been digitally reproduced. Functionality includes: zoom in/zoom out with panning and full screen/full page display, interactive table of contents and direct page access, word search and hyperlink.
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Taekwon-do Patterns
All 24 patterns are preformed by 4th degree and up black belts from around the world under the direct supervision of General Choi. View each pattern from any of 4 directions and choose from continuous play mode or watch each step individually. Select the biography option to find out about the instructor performing the pattern.
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Korean Interpreter
Hear Master Choi Jung Hwa say 200 Korean Taekwon-do words and phrases. The audio is grouped into 5 categories for easy reference. Categories include: phrases used in your do-jang, Korean words for kicks, punches, blocks, and stances, the proper pronunciation of the 24 patterns, plus commands and phrases used in tournament competition.
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Interview The General
Ask General Choi questions about his life and see photographs from his personal photo albums. Topics include his childhood in Korea, his adventures during and after World War II, the formation of Taekwon-do, his personal philosophy, and his vision for the future.
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Tae Kwon Do Poom'se,
Volume 1:
Tae Geuk Koryo 1-8
This CD-ROM is created, produced, directed and performed by a family dedicated to the improvement of teaching taekwondo: Edward Sell, 8th dan, grandmaster and founding president of the U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association, Inc.; his wife Brenda Sell, 7th dan, USCDKA national poomse director; and their son Ronald Sell, 5th dan, project creator and audiovisual technical director. Edward and Brenda Sell are the highest-ranked black belt husband and wife team in the world. Chung do kwan is one of the original systems of teaching taekwondo. Included are all the white belt through first dan black belt taekwondo poomse (forms one through eight) koryo plus the da'lee hyung il chung poomse, all demonstrated by Brenda Sell. The da'lee hyung il chun poomse has never before been introduced to the public until now. Contains over 300 pages of easy-to-read text and 10 full-motion video clips which you can fast-forward, rewind, pause or move immediately to a specific technique or text page for detailed explanation of the technique.
Compatible with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. MAC version will be available soon. Code 5007 $49.95
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Taegeuk: The Forms of Tae Kwon Do
Tae Geuk: The Form of Tae Kwon Do contains 62 minutes of digital video of the tae geuk form and 44 separate videos of each individual technique contained in the forms. The form and technique videos are performed by Mater Jung Ho Kim, 6th Dan. The program also features Master Kim speaking, in Korean, over 80 of the most common terms of tae kwon do. Each of the forms and techniques may be studied through the use of text, hypertext, audio and video. The form videos may be viewed in front and side view full-motion videos, and in front view, narrated, slow-motion videos. The technique videos may be viewed in sequential front, then side views. All videos may be viewed in two modes, windowed (260 x 200 pixels) or full-screen. Each step within a form can be isolated and viewed by itself, along with the accompanying narration and text describing how to perform the step. Text guides; a detailed step-by-step written guide is included for every form and technique in this program. Each text guide can be printed out for you to study offline at your leisure. These form study guides include a highly detailed color graphic depicting the flow of movement within each form.
System requirements: IBM compatible 486DX or Pentium based computer with 4 megabytes of RAM (8 meg for Win95). Microsoft 3.x/Win95, MS-DOS 5.0, a double speed CD-Rom and a VLB or PCI accelerate video card. A Pentium with a double speed CD-Rom drive is recommended for optimum performance. Code 5005 $39.95 Order this cdrom now.
Common Sense Self Defense:
Volume 1:
Basic Fundamentals
Volume 2:
Weapon Attacks
You will learn everything you need to defend yourself, standing or on the ground against knives, guns, clubs and brute force attacks. Discussed: escaping, controllling, or taking severe actions using chokes, arm bars, joint locks, throws, kicks and blows. Your instructor, Vince Tamura, an 8th degree black belt with over 50 years teaching experience, is a member of the U.S. Judo Hall of Fame a National A.A.U. Champion and U.S. Masters Champion, a referee and judge. He has also developed many national champions.
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Vol. 1: Code 5009 $39.95 Order this cdrom now.
Vol. 2: Code 5010 $39.95 Order this cdrom now.
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